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Thanks for stopping by, we're really happy you visited us. Let us tell you about the game we're making!

Foodie Trucks is our first original game! Build on your skill as a chef, take the risk of creating your own fantastic food truck and try to become the best in the city!

With your creativity and adventurous spirit, try to find the best places and times in your city to sell food that you create. Not another cooking game where you make what you're told. Instead, you decide the best food menu for you and the way you want to play!

In Foodie Trucks if you want to make your food truck a pink, pirate-themed, topped with a giant octopus that happily sells salmon infused wasabi ice cream, you do it! 

When you decide that you should dress up in a fancy kilt or a gold jump suit - you can do that too, because maybe that suits your pink hair and pink pirate truck life better!

Foodie Trucks takes place in a dynamic world where finding the ideal combination of ingredients could be the key to becoming the best in town! Touch Arcade has dubbed it a, "shockingly deep food truck management sim" - and they're right, you can control when, where, and how you sell the food you come up with. Play it the way you like.

Hello there!

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