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About Foodie Trucks!

Foodie Trucks is about creating your own food truck, the food that you want to sell, winning over your city and obtaining fame and fortune. The basic premise of game play uses a color matching and reaction time mechanic combined with the complexity and depth of a resource management, RPG-style game.  These game elements allow you to a player to quickly get into basic play with the continued surprising depth that allows for further customization and development in exploring your own personal way to play.
Foodie Trucks offers the cooking experience where you decide how to play, make it as easy or complicated as you like - explore the limits of what your town might enjoy eating!

Being your journey to be the best food truck in the city, travel through neighborhoods with increasingly discerning and surprising tastes. Win over each neighborhood with speed, strategy, and creativity! It's simple to just start selling food. As you play, increase your skill as a chef and learn how each choice may affect what the people on each street, neighborhood, and city as a whole think of you!

You'll unlock new and more powerful cooking techniques, ways to modify your food truck, and ingredients along the way. Create strategies through experimentation and find flavor combinations that work best in winning over each neighborhood. Stay ahead of the curve by monitoring what each neighborhood's tastes are, because they might change over time!

Experiment and create wildly popular recipes to unlock powerful ingredients, because learning to effectively use all ingredients is a key to success. Mastery of ingredients increases with experience and can unlock complex and powerful combos that can send a hungry crowd into a feeding frenzy. Quick reflexes and careful planning can yield enormous rewards!
On the road to food truck fame, create your truck, create your food, , and customize your character to suit your personal tastes. The choices you make affect how you are seen by hungry people across the city - for better or worse! 

Fun is on the menu!

Coming Soon!

We're still in development and looking forward to releasing the game as soon as it seems like something enjoyable, keep an eye out for it!

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